where scott bikes are made

Updated on May 12, 2022

When it comes to the cycling industry, Scott Sports is a hugely influential and forward-thinking brand. Givisiez, Switzerland, is where Scott’s bicycles are made.

Taiwan-made frames are then shipped to the company’s main headquarters for assembly. South Africa, the United States, Europe, and India all have branches of the company.


where scott bikes are made

It was Scott USA, before it changed its name to Scott Sports SA, that made the bicycles and other sporting goods that the company now produces in Switzerland. Located in Switzerland, the company’s headquarters are in Givisiez, and it has further offices in the U.S., South Africa, and India.


What about the Subsystems?

The rims, handlebars, grips, stems, seat pots, and saddles for Scott bikes are made by Syncros. Bike accessories such as saddlebags and bottle holders are also manufactured by Syncros.

Since its inception in the 1980s, the Syncros name has changed hands multiple times.

However, after Scott Sports purchased the brand, it had its most prosperous time. In addition to the Givisiez assembly plant, Syncros components are made in Taiwan, China.

The History of Scott Bikes Manufacturing

When Ed Scott founded Scott Sports, he came up with the idea for an aluminium ski pole.

Steel or bamboo were the primary materials used to construct the poles of the time. Before extending into Europe, the company also made motocross gear, like as goggles.

In 1989, Scott introduced the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar to the cycling industry. Tour de France winner Greg LeMond employed bars in his victory, as well.

Scott followed up with the Unishock suspension fork two years later, and then the first full-suspension bike two years after that.

For the first time, Scott built a carbon mountain bike in 1995. The Endorphin bike went on to win medals in both the World Cup and the Olympics, garnering widespread media attention. It was clear that Endorphin was a formidable opponent.

The emergence of the Genius may have been one of Scott’s most significant achievements. The Genius was released in 2003 before the Spark and Gambler.

Full-suspension bikes flooded the market at the time, and only the bike’s unique characteristics set it apart.

Traction mode, full travel mode, and lock-out mode were all available on the Genius.

Thomas Frischknecht’s victory in the World Championship Marathon pushed the Genius even farther into the public eye.

Scott began using the Twin Loc suspension system in 2010. With the Twin Loc, a rider’s fork and rear suspension travel could be adjusted right from the handlebars.

With the Twin lock, the rider could alternate between traction mode, complete suspension lock, and full travel. Recently, Scott added a dropper seat post travel setting to the Triple Loc.

The introduction of the Scale 700 and Genius 700 in 2012 was a significant next step. The first Scott bikes with 27.5″ wheels were these. With the Scott Scale 700 RC, Nino Schurter, a little-known rider at the time, conquered track after track.



Scott includes Syncros, therefore a brief look of its past is warranted. With Scott bikes, you can’t help but notice their unique graphics on the bars and rims as well as on the stem, seat post, and handlebars. It was once a Canadian company that dealt with bicycle parts.

The brand had most of the sought-after MTB components in the early 1990s. GT bought the bike after it went bankrupt in the late 1990s.

Schwinn acquired GT, and Pacific Cycles, a Canadian manufacturer, then acquired Schwinn.

The Snycros brand was destroyed by Pacific’s usage of the Snycros mark on low-quality bicycle parts. A British company, Super Cycles, purchased the Syncros brand after its reputation was tarnished.

Tom Ritchey acquired Syncros in 2003. Some Scott road bikes and MTBS feature Ritchey stems and head tube caps, so keep an eye out for these. However, it was Tom who helped Syncros get back up and running.

Brand rapidly returned to its position as a global symbol for producing bicycle parts. Scott purchased Syncros in early 2021, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Those who have had the pleasure of riding a Scott bicycle know that the company does not compromise on quality.

It’s one of the world’s most cutting-edge bicycle manufacturers. Scott bicycles are built in the United States. You may wish to ride the bikes yourself to get a feel for how they perform.