where marin bikes are made

Updated on May 12, 2022

Marin Bicycles was founded in 1986 in Marin County, California, and is a maker of bicycles. In addition to mountain bikes, the shop carries different sorts of bicycles. Many of its 68 bikes are named after places in Marin County.

where marin bikes are made

In 1986, Robert Buckley, Joe Murray, Gary Fisher and other Californians were riding their bikes up and down adjacent Mt. Tamalpais, where Marin Bikes was born.

Marin’s office, which used to be a recording studio for The Grateful Dead, displays a signed guitar by musician Bob Weir.
A local shop grom named Joe Murray was a member of the Sunshine Bicycle Center’s staff at the time, according to Marin’s Mark Vanek. Marin Bikes was the name of Gary Fisher’s shop, and Joe worked there part-time. If I recall correctly, when Bob intended to start his own business, he bought the Marin Bikes trademark and enlisted Joe to assist with the design of some of the company’s bicycles.
Two-five-speed rigs with friction shifters and rigid frames were the original Marin Bikes mountain bikes. A few decades ago Jeff Steber helped Marin design full-suspension bikes with monocoque mainframes, which he later went on to build Intense. There were a few early titanium designs that were helped by the Lynskey family. As for Marin’s Mount Vision, the 1996/97 Ti FRS was a forerunner to it.
The cockpit of the first Marin mountain bike, which included friction shifters, differs slightly from those of modern bikes.
As a result, Marin has become known for its cheap bikes, which range from the $430/ £350 alloy Sky Trail hardtail to the $5,099/£3,499 top-end Rift Zone 29er XC Pro. Marin relocated to the former Grateful Dead studio in Novato in 2003, just a few blocks away from its original location.

Buckley sold the brand to Minestone Limited, an investment group based in Europe, early last year. Matt VanEnkevort, a former Full Speed Ahead CEO who just joined Marin, says the acquisition has mostly provided the company with extra resources. According to VanEnkevort, “the wonderful thing about Minestone as a parent company is that they’re in it for the longhaul, not just for the immediate gains.” We’ve been able to invest in new motorcycles because of the financial stability and operating cash we’ve gained.” Molds for the new motorcycles, for example, required a significant outlay of funds. The money wasn’t there for Marin to do it.”

BikeRadar checked out a few Marin 2014 prototype bikes during the Sea Otter Classic in April, including a hardtail, an enduro, and a trail bike with 27.5-inch carbon frames, as well as a new carbon cyclocross bike.
Jason Faircloth, Matt VanEnkevort, and Mark Vanek are today’s Marin drivers (from left to right).
According to VanEnkevort, “We’re putting the money back into product development and developing better bicycles. “That’s what the public will notice.”

In spite of the fact that Marin sells its products over the world, the company’s headquarters employs only roughly 20 people. The motorcycles are manufactured in Asia, but many of them are warehoused and dispatched from Novato, where the company’s headquarters are located.

There are numerous routes close south of Marin’s office that Marin’s Vanek, VanEnkevort, and Jason Faircloth love riding, including the renowned Mt. Tam.

Trails and circumstances in a narrow area “match just about everything,” Vanek remarked. “We don’t have big alpine descents here,” he continued. When you drive just a few miles west, “you’ll find mud and pretty tight stuff,” he says. “We have dusty, dry trails with babyheads.”

If so, where are the Marin bikes manufactured?

Insera Sena appears to own or create Marin bicycles. There is no evidence of actual bike production. Products available for purchase were most likely made in Indonesia. There is a premium on ‘Marin’ in Indonesia over ‘Polygon’ even if they are both the same. 16-Jan-2019

Which bicycles are still produced in the United States?

Find out where marin bikes are created with this helpful image.
An American-made carbon fibre road race bike, the Allied Alfa is built in the United States.
Road Bike 54+cm Allied Alfa Allroad Gravel Road Bike
Mountain Bike – 2020, Size 2 – Guerilla Gravity Shred Dogg
Gravel bike, 56cm, 2015, by Moots….
Large Mosaic RT-2 Road Bike
Reeb Sqweeb V3 Mountain Bike – Extra Large.
The Lynskey R300 Road Bike in X-Small.

Whether or not Marin frames are decent is up for debate.

All of Marin’s full-suspension mountain bikes are of good quality, and the company has a wide selection. All-mountain, trail, downhill, and enduro are all categories of mountain biking that are covered by the manufacturer’s many models.

Does Polygon own Marin Bikes?

Marin was purchased by Minestone Ltd. in February 2012. To consolidate European sales and distribution of Marin and Polygon, Zentro Porindis GmbH has been founded.