where canyon bikes are made

Updated on May 12, 2022

It is in Taiwan where the Canyon bicycles’ frames are made. Taiwan is a small Asian country located immediately below China on the world map.

Before being transported to various bicycle shops and retail locations throughout the world, Canyon’s frames are constructed in Taiwan.

where canyon bikes are made

Canyon bikes are made in Taiwan, but the Germans placed a couple of managers there to ensure that everything is being run smoothly and that quality control is upheld.

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, on the other hand, is Canyon’s parent corporation (GBL).

The carbon frames on these bikes are considered to be stronger than those on most other bikes.

They range in price from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the type and style.

The materials used in the frame production methods and specific features added or removed from each model are the primary differences between them.

Carbon-manufactured bicycles and frames from Canyon Bikes are made by a German-engineered frames manufacturer.

German-engineered Canyon bicycle frames are based on quality control with a strong quality control programme for distribution in Europe and North America.


Distributor of Canyon Bikes

Canyon’s quality control programme is carried out in their plants (note: TÜV stands for “Technical Supervisory Association” in English).

It is a German certification body.

The first step is to choose components from vendors, and the next step is to create bike prototypes.
This is the first stage in creating a high-quality bicycle.. Canyon’s staff and the manufacturer do final quality control testing to verify that the product satisfies their standards and expectations as well as those of the customer.

As previously stated, these quality checks involve a wide range of activities, including frame production operations, testing processes for the strength and longevity of the frame, and checking for any loose nuts or bolts.


It is in Koblenz, Germany, where Canyon is headquartered, that the company’s German-engineered frames are manufactured in Taiwan and stock bikes are built. Canyon claims to give consumers high-quality products at lower prices than its competitors by cutting out the wholesaler and retailer altogether.

Another question to ponder is: where are state bicycles manufactured? Taichung, Taiwan, is now the manufacturing location for State’s Core-Line and 4130 Steel product lines. State’s Fall Collection ’19 for Taiwan-made models was just published this week. They previously manufactured bikes in Wuxi and Shenzhen in China.

What types of bicycles can you find built right here in the United States?

Road bicycles

Mosaic RT-2. Mosaic Cycles in Boulder, Colorado, creates handcrafted, bespoke titanium and steel bicycles.
Great Divide Disc by No. 22 Bicycle Company.
Custom-made winter bicycles.
Speedvagen VX07 and Mosaic XT-1
Frosthammer’s a mute.

Is Canyon a good brand of bicycles?

They’re regarded as some of the greatest value options on the market, offering higher-end components at each price range than most can; this is partly due to the German brand’s direct sales model.