where bmc bikes are made

Updated on May 12, 2022

The company has always specialised in high-performance bicycles, initially selling bikes to the Swiss national team. Andy Rihs, a team patron, took over the company in 2000 and built a manufacturing facility in Grenchen, Switzerland.

The Impec road bike was born there, and the centre is now known as the Impec Advanced R&D Lab, and it still houses the company’s design and engineering teams.

where bmc bikes are made

BMC is a bicycle manufacturer based in Switzerland, and its acronymic name (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) certainly fits into the “does what it says on the tin” category.

BMC was founded in 1986 by Bob Bigelow as a wholesale distributor for the Raleigh bicycle line, but after Bigelow lost his distributor’s licence in 2001, the company turned its attention to constructing bikes under the BMC name.
The company makes bikes for many types of terrains, from road to muddy mountains, though our guide will concentrate on the former.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in our Impec Advanced R&D lab in Grenchen, Switzerland, from the conception of a new bike to its design, prototyping, testing, iteration, and final product.


Are BMC bicycles good?

They build fantastic bikes, and you’ll love them. Their 105 (complete carbon, disc brakes) endurance bike costs $2,500 USD or $3,100 AUD. Not that you shouldn’t buy the BMC, but you should consider all of your options because there are some good deals out there.

Are BMC bicycles manufactured in Taiwan?

They had to keep their production in Taiwan to keep up with the competition in terms of both cost and quality. This facility was repurposed as an R&D centre and test lab for new ideas and technology for their product line as a result of that choice.

Which bicycle manufacturers in the United States produce their products here?

The Bicycles Made in America American Artisan Bicycles Inc. Alchemy Bicycle Co. Group of American Bicyclists. An Anderson Custom Bicycle Company. Appleman Bicycles, Inc. The Bicycle Corporation of America, Inc. a black feline Cycles are the mode of transportation for Boedie.

BMC Switzerland is owned by whom?

By way of Zurich (BRAIN) BMC bike maker Andreas “Andy” Rihs, 75, passed away on Wednesday, the business announced. Rihs was the founder and owner of the BMC professional racing team. Rihs reportedly had cancer, according to reports. “Andy will be given a particular place in the firm,” says the CEO.