where are stomp pit bikes made

Updated on June 8, 2022

Marc Brotherton, an Automotive Design Engineer, came up with the idea for Stomp in 2005. Marc worked as an engineer and project manager for major automotive companies, specialising in advanced engine technology.

where are stomp pit bikes made

Starting from an old shed on a field in Hampshire, the first Stomp motorcycles were put together, adjusted and tuned by Marc and raced at Angmering raceway. The team soon progressed scooping up local championship championships and fighting off visits from competing pit bike makers such as Monster Moto, Xsport and Thumpstar.

Is Stomp a reputable manufacturer of pit bikes?

For all ages, Stomp pitbikes are the best.
Bicycles, service, and overall value are all well-known aspects of the company.

Is Stomp a Chinese company?

The ‘also ran’ brands in the UK market are often accused of selling sub-standard Chinese bikes built to appear like Stomps, but without the all-important dealer network and spares back-up. Marc Brotherton, an automotive design engineer, came up with the idea for Stomp in 2005.

Stomp dirt bikes: are they worth it?

From the British Isles
It received a rating of 5 stars Bike of the Year! It’s a fantastic bike. For the past two months, I’ve been riding my new bike every weekend. Despite being a 140cc bike, it has a lot of power and can take a lot of hammering on the track or off-road.