where are ssr dirt bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

SSR Motorsports was founded in 2002 with the goal of importing and distributing powersports products around the world.

Small off-road motorcycles were the company’s initial focus (also known as pit bikes). But as the company grew, SSR added ATVs and utility vehicles to its off-road product line.

where are ssr dirt bikes made

From the factory to the dealership, quality control is ensured for all SSR and Benelli models manufactured in China, Harris said.

Can you vouch for the quality of SSR dirt bikes?

Overall, the SSR 125 Pit Bike is an impressive and capable motorcycle that will exceed your expectations while also providing a high level of fun. For a low-maintenance vehicle with a sporty and practical aesthetic, this is a great option.

In what country does SSR come from?

City of Lansing
GM’s Chevrolet SSR model years 2003–2006 is built in Lansing, Michigan (Lansing assembly plant)

Is the SSR dirt bike manufactured in China?

Find out where SSRS are made with this helpful picture.
Founded in the United States and based in China, SSR Motorsports manufactures a wide range of pit bikes, playbikes, off-road bikes and more. When we first saw the SR 189, the brand’s mid-sized pit bike, we were immediately drawn to it.

The SSR dirt bike is made by whom?

Benelli Motorcycles in the United States is currently working with SSR Motorsports. They’ve teamed up to bring the Benelli TNT in three different displacements: 150cc, 300cc, and 600cc. The models are shown in the following images.

Can we trust the SSR brand?

In my opinion, the TR and TX models of SSR are the best Chinese bikes you can buy. After my son rode it for two and a half years, I recently sold a 2007 that was very similar to the TX he had. SSR 125TR with Honday knock-off motor and Yamaha TTR plastics I bought him today.