where are reid bikes made

Updated on June 10, 2022

Founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of offering the greatest value bicycles in Australia, Reid Cycles has been going strong ever since. As a direct seller of high-quality bicycles, we bypass all intermediaries.

where are reid bikes made

In 2008, Reid Cycles was established in Australia by James Reid. The idea was to sell to the general public after importing the bikes from the factory directly. A few years later, we were selling more than 50,000 motorcycles a year in Australia.

What country are Reid bicycles built in?

OUR QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURES. Reid has full-time QC staff and a Supply Chain Administrator working out of our China location. All factories we work with are supervised by our team at all times.

Is Reid a decent company to buy a bike from?

Because they don’t carry the brand name tax, Reid bikes are just as good as their brand-named counterparts and cost a little less. As a general rule, they are superior to department store bicycles and nearly as excellent as brand-name bicycles.