where are quella bikes made

Updated on June 9, 2022

It’s hard to believe that Quella Bicycle was born out of a chicken coop in Cambridge, but the firm has been on an upward trajectory since switching hands in 2017 – or it would have been, if its bicycles weren’t single-speed.

where are quella bikes made

According to Mr. Mellor, the majority of bicycle parts are made in Taiwan or China. “But the design and build are very much ours, with a distinctive British throwback flair,” said Mr. Mellor.

The rear MAG wheel of the Quella Stealth is 3-spoke.

Battery and motor are housed in a back hub, rather than a large frame like on other electric bikes, to keep the bike’s elegant lines.

As a result of the integrated hub, the range of our e-bike is limited to about 60 kilometres, but “for 90% of people that’s more than enough,” he explained.

As long as you know how to use it properly, you can extend the range of your bike’s battery up to 80 kilometres.

Accessories like lights, locks, and helmets are available online and in independent retailers like William Cycles in Cheltenham, where the brand is based.

On the Quella blog, the company collaborates with unique people to tell the narrative of single-speed bikes.
Among those featured are former England goalkeeper Karen Bardsley, cancer survivor James Golding, and para-athlete Garret Turbett, all of whom may be found on the company’s website.