where are priority bikes made

Updated on June 8, 2022

Dave Weiner, the former North American CEO of a software company who launched the company in 2012, is the brains behind it all.

where are priority bikes made

Despite being designed in Manhattan, Priority Bikes are assembled in China. From a warehouse in Pennsylvania, they are shipped

Priority Bicycles is owned by who? Priority Bicycles was founded and is led by Dave Weiner. Having worked in the bicycle industry for many years, Dave relocated to New York City where he is now pursuing a career in computer software.

The location of priority bicycles is also of interest. We are pleased to announce that Odette’s River House at Odette’s has been added as one of our newest Priority Fleet partners.

Priority Bicycles is an actual business?

That is why we designed our bicycles. They’re made with premium materials, are user-friendly, and don’t need any routine upkeep. All levels of riders will find that they are able to put in the time and effort required to keep them in top condition.

What is the weight of a priority bike?

It has a weight of 24 pounds, making it feel incredibly light. Although it has a large internal gear hub, it’s not much heavier than my steel commuting bike.

What is the price of a priority bike?

It is possible to ride rocky trails with dropper posts. Our 600x is compatible with the PNW Coast, which can be purchased here. Priority Bicycles are shipped from our warehouse in Pennsylvania on all business days….
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Is the assembly of priority bikes simple?

We recommend either hiring a professional to complete the assembly or having the assembly reviewed by an expert before using it. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite bicycle shops.