where are polaris quad bikes made

Updated on June 9, 2022

Motorbikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, and neighbourhood electric cars are just some of the products manufactured by Polaris Inc., an American automotive manufacturer based in Medina, Minnesota. Polaris was founded in Roseau, Minnesota, where it now maintains engineering and manufacturing operations.

where are polaris quad bikes made

In Osceola, Wisconsin, parts are made while the automobile is assembled in Roseau, Minnesota. The Osceola and Roseau plants produce the vast majority of the off-road line’s powertrain and vehicles. Both Victory and Indian motorcycles are produced entirely in the United States, in Osceola, Wisconsin, and Spirit Lake, Iowa, respectively, where the engines and vehicles are assembled.

Is the manufacturing of Polaris parts in China?

Osceola, Wisconsin, is still producing engines. More than half of the components are manufactured in China. Like the rest of the prominent names in the industry. However, the assembly has been completed in Mexico and is now being shipped to the United States.

Is Polaris a US-based firm?

Proud of Polaris

Founded in 1954, we are delighted to be an American firm with a strong focus on production and innovation in the United States. Some of the world’s best and brightest minds are building right here in the United States, thanks to their dedication and expertise.

Is it true that Polaris is a Mexican-made product?

Osceola, Wisconsin, is where engines are still made. Many of the components are manufactured in China. Like all of the other well-known brands out there. However, all of the final assembly work has been completed in Mexico.