where are piranha pit bikes made

Updated on June 8, 2022

Ex-National Pro Motocross racer Yannick Coquard and Dimitri Bera, a high-level French mechanic who currently lives in China and is in charge of all development, founded the company.

where are piranha pit bikes made

It’s a bike made of Piranha Pits! Custom Designed and produced entirely within the United States of America
Wholesale Cycle / Piranha Headquarters is the proud owner of this custom-built bicycle! In the state of Ohio. Ships are ready to go when they arrive at their destination.

What is the history of the YCF range?

The YCF brand has grown tremendously since its first line of tiny motorcycles was launched in 2005, and its goods have evolved as a result.

An actual motorbike firm, with its own research and development department and plant in China, was established in 2009. YCF is a legitimate motorcycle manufacturer. Our success has been attributed to this. A company like YCF has complete control over the entire process. During the past 10 years, the manufacturing process has never paused in order to increase product quality, dependability, and performance.


Creating the YCF 50 in 2012 proved to be a huge success. A stabilising kit can be added to this bike for children ages 3 to 7 years old. Designed for speed and safety evolution, it’s a must-have accessory.
The success of YCF’s electric mini bike for children prompted the company to develop its own electric mini bike for the sake of environmental sustainability, which it did in 2016. Additionally, YCF offers an 88 electric bicycle.
YCF launched a new model in 2017 that falls between between a pit bike and a full-sized bike. With 14′ and 17’wheels, the rider has more control and stability. The “Biggest” It’s a great bike for people or kids who are just about ready to ride a full-size bicycle.


Last year, YCF sold over 8,000 bikes in 18 countries, making it a well-known firm.