where are peloton bikes made

Updated on June 5, 2022

American fitness equipment and media firm Peloton Interactive, Inc. is located in New York City. With Peloton’s Internet-connected stationary bicycles and treadmills, monthly subscribers can take part in classes via streaming media from anywhere they have Internet access.

where are peloton bikes made


The Peloton bikes are built in Taiwan and assembled in New York City, New York, before being shipped back to Taiwan. Peloton works with Rexon and Tonic primarily on the production of the bikes.

Peloton later purchased Precor, a long-standing manufacturer of workout equipment. Peloton’s acquisition of the company allowed them to better focus their bikes and treadmills in order to better fulfil the increased demand.

Incredibly, even owning a Precor workout cycle or treadmill couldn’t satisfy the desire for home fitness equipment. Peloton equipment is still pricey because it is made in Asia in such massive quantities.

They recently purchased land in Ohio where they would be building a manufacturing facility. This is a positive development. About 200 acres of land will be devoted to manufacturing Peloton bikes and treadmills.

Is it true that Peloton bikes are built entirely in the United States?

Not entirely. In Taiwan, a majority of the bicycles used in pelotons are manufactured. However, the American Peloton manufacturing plant is expected to be operational in 2023.

Where does Peloton plan to establish its largest manufacturing facility?

In North America, the new largest manufacturing site for Peloton cycles and treadmills will be located in Ohio. In order to build the factory, Peloton purchased 200 acres of land.

Is there a Peloton distribution centre nearby?

The largest distribution facility is located in Linden, New Jersey, home to 23 Peloton warehouses. More than 800,000 square feet make it the largest Peloton centre in the world!

Peloton is owned by whom?

Peloton founder and CEO John Foley. Since April 2015, he has served as chairman of the board of directors at Peloton.

Peloton’s shipping location is unknown.

Taiwanese-made Peloton frames are imported and assembled in one of the company’s 23 warehouses before being shipped and installed in customers’ homes by Peloton staff members.