where are pedego bikes made

Updated on June 6, 2022

Pedego stands apart from the crowd because we prioritise the well-being of our customers.
Is it any wonder that, when it comes to Pedegos, the most crucial component isn’t some high-tech device or fancy bicycle component?

It’s only a matter of time until electric bikes become a household name. When it comes to making an impact, a corporation must have a purpose…

where are pedego bikes made

Taiwan, Vietnam, and China are the primary locations where Pedego Electric Bikes are manufactured.

Pedego’s bikes are sourced from China.

Pedego has shifted the majority of its bike assembly from China to Taiwan as production in Vietnam grows.

Is Pedego based in the United States?

CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes has been recognised as an American Business Leader.

Inquiring minds want to know who owns Pedego.

Don DiCostanzo, the founder
Don DiCostanzo, the founder of Pedego, is a seasoned entrepreneur and former executive in the automobile business. He got his first electric bike because he lives at the top of a huge hill.