where are orro bikes made

Updated on June 4, 2022

We rely on the high degree of expertise in composites technology that the United Kingdom possesses as a world leader in fields like aerospace and Formula 1.

where are orro bikes made

Designed in the UK, each Orro bike is hand-built in Ditchling, Sussex, a place of remarkable natural beauty that serves as a major source of inspiration for the company’s innovative designs.

Are ORRO frames made by a specific company?

Despite having being founded in 2014, Orro Bikes has already established itself as a leading maker of high-quality, British-made bicycles. Ditchling Beacon and the Sussex Downs are just a short drive from Orro’s home base.

Who owns ORRO??

Ian Wilson – CEO
ORRO BIKES LTDIan .’s Wilson, the company’s founder.