where are nukeproof bikes made

Updated on June 2, 2022

As the brainchild of its founder John Muenzenmeyer, Nuke Proof Industries was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To fulfil the needs of the growing mountain bike market in the 1990s, John set out to design desirable, inventive, and durable products.

where are nukeproof bikes made

Located in the Northern Ireland city of Belfast
Bikes built in China and Taiwan are far less expensive than those made in Western countries. However, Nukeproof’s in-house team in Belfast, Northern Ireland, designs and develops all of the company’s frames.

If so, where are they made?

Nukeproof goods are now manufactured in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and marketed through a select group of independent bicycle retailers worldwide. The brand has a great heritage and legacy of being developed by riders, but it continues to evolve.

How reliable is the Nukeproof brand?

Although we can’t predict how much this UK-based brand will cost in the U.S. in the future because to the weakening of the dollar, Nukeproof should be at the top of the list for experienced riders looking for a gravitational brand with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

Is China the source of Nukeproof bikes?

Nukeproof’s frames are built in Asian factories in accordance with the industry as a whole. You can get far better deals on bicycles if you order them from China or Taiwan than if you order them from the West.