where are ncm bikes made

Updated on June 2, 2022

The main business of NCM Bikes, Leon Cycle GmbH, is situated in Hanover, Germany. NCM Bikes was created in 2014 and has swiftly grown to be one of Europe’s largest electric bike companies.

where are ncm bikes made


In Germany, they develop their e-bikes, and in China they produce them.

With a 500w motor and a top speed of 20mph, this fantastic ebike is now available in the United States. The NCM Moscow Plus features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Suntour XCM forks with 100mm of travel, and a 48v 16ah battery. In addition to the C7 LCD display, this model incorporates a Shimano crankset and an Acera 8-speed rear mech, allowing for a total of 24 gears. A throttle is also included.

Can you vouch for NCM bikes?

In terms of value for money, you won’t find a better electric bike for the same price anywhere else. NCM’s motorcycles are built to exacting standards, and their specs reflect that.

What kind of bike is the NCM?

In terms of power, the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike features a 500w engine and can reach a top speed in excess of 20mph. You can charge your mobile phones using the USB connector on the unit’s battery pack, which has a capacity of 48 Ah.

Is there a throttle on the NCM bikes?

The bike features a throttle and six levels of help. In addition, it contains a USB port so that you may charge your phone using the battery’s power.

Is it really worth it to get NCM Moscow plus?

Overall – the NCM Moscow 29 “Moreover, it’s a wonderful deal. It’s a great bike that rides well, has high-quality components, a top-notch LCD/motor controller, and amazing customer service! Price is quite low, but I expect it to climb as more people learn about the bike….

Mountain Bike is a type of bicycle

How many speeds are there?

Size 27.5″