where are moustache bikes made

Updated on June 2, 2022

It’s been a long time since the moustache wasn’t a part of the bicycle’s history. No need to go further than the handlebar’s famed moustache It’s fair to say that our handlebars are a fresh take on the classic moustache design. Like our bikes, each moustache is unique, unmistakable, and has a distinct personality.

where are moustache bikes made

All Moustache bikes have been created, tested, and produced in the Vosges Mountains since our brand was launched in 2011.

Is Moustache’s bike line good?

Although Moustache claims it was created as an off-road bike that could also be used on roads, we can attest that the bike instilled confidence in our riders regardless of the terrain. Aside from its ability to handle steep climbs at sluggish speeds, it was also surprisingly stable and comfortable at higher speeds.

What are the terms of the Moustache warranty?

It is covered for 5 years on the frame, 2 years on the components of the bike, and the Bosch motor system. Paint and stickers, as well as other final touches, come with a one-year fault warranty. When a bike is sold, the warranty is only valid for the original owner and cannot be transferred to a new owner.
Visit your local Moustache dealer with your purchase receipt to file a warranty claim. The dealer will perform a preliminary diagnosis and get in touch with us if further assistance is required. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on certain parts (also known as wearing parts).

Parts worn by a person are listed here:.
– Elements of braking (pads, discs)
Rim tape, tyres, and inflators
– Connectors and enclosures
Components of the powertrain (chain, chainring, cassette, pulley wheels, chain guide)
These are the parts that hold the headset in place
– Hand grips and sleeve tape