where are liv bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Bonnie Tu, of Giant Bicycles started Liv because she couldn’t find cycling gear and apparel that fit her perfectly, so she created everything herself. Liv’s data-driven approach to designing bikes for women is called the 3F, which stands for Fit, Form, and Function.

where are liv bikes made

Giant Bicycles’ sibling company, Liv Cycling, creates its bikes from the ground up with distinct geometry for female riders, unlike many other companies who just alter pre-existing unisex models with components more fit for a women’s construction.

Liv Bikes is a brand of what?

Liv/giant, a new cycling company that caters only to female cyclists, has gone global, opening new locations and releasing new bikes and accessories.

Liv began building bicycles at what point in time?


Liv Bike Company’s History

As the CEO of Giant Global Group, Bonnie Tu was responsible for the creation of Liv in 2008. This is also recognised as the sister brand of Giant Bicycles, a well-known bicycle manufacturer. Those unfamiliar with Boonie Tu’s accomplishments should know that she is and always will be the undisputed queen of women’s cycling.

Is it possible for a guy to ride a Liv?

Not a chance! Even while we take into account the differences in anatomy between men and women when determining an appropriate fit, we focus on the type of riding they’ll be undertaking and nothing more.

Defintion of Giant Liv

Cycling brand Liv/giant is a new one targeted to female cyclists with new bicycles, gear, and retail locations throughout the world.