where are linus bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

The Venice, California-based company was founded in 2007, and we believe that bicycles are a viable answer to a number of pressing issues. They boost our health and well-being, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the quality of life in our cities and neighbourhoods.

where are linus bikes made

With the help of co-founders Adam McDermott (on the right) and Chad Kushner (on the left), Linus Bike has built a reputation for producing high-quality city bicycles that reflect the aesthetic of European two-wheelers.
It’s Linus’ model if you want to get the most out of your bike. They cost from $449 and $849. The motorcycles are developed in Los Angeles, but the parts are manufactured in China (final assembly is in the U.S.). 05

What are the gears on Linus bikes?

Bikes for both adults and children are available at Linus Bikes
The Roadster was built to serve as your daily commuter. It’s incredibly dependable and trouble-free thanks to the internal gears. To get to work or the market quickly, or to take a leisurely stroll along the street.