where are lekker bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

LEKKER, an Amsterdam-based bicycle brand, was launched in early 2009 and has quickly become a favourite among urban cyclists throughout the world. You may now get your hands on the widely praised

where are lekker bikes made

All of our frames are made in China from lightweight, all-aluminum extrusions. In the end, you’ll have a premium commuter bike that’s both light and affordable. Hand-built and assembled in Europe before it’s shipped to your door or picked up at one of our brand stores.
Hand-built and assembled in Europe, our Dutch-style bicycles are designed in Amsterdam and Melbourne using input from commuters all over the world. We source components from all over the world for our designs, selecting them from well-known manufacturers. To give you an idea, we use premium headlights from the Netherlands, GATES belt drive components and NuVinci hubs from the United States, wicker baskets handcrafted in Indonesia, and Shimano components from Japan on our bicycles.

Is lekker a reliable brand of bicycle?

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Overall, I think the Lekker bikes are one of the best city bikes currently on the New Zealand market. Stylish, high-quality, and easy-to-use features make daily riding a breeze.