where are lectric xp bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes has built a name for itself in its two short years of existence because to the company’s smash hit Lectric XP e-bike. Now the garage company turned big e-bike brand is getting a dose of old-school cred with the recruitment of industry expert Jeff Frehner as its new COO

where are lectric xp bikes made

You can see which electric bikes are most popular at Brand US Headquarters by looking at this list.
Their e-bikes are produced in the following countries:
A list of countries with ties to Taiwan: China
AZ’s Phoenix
Haibike USA City of Denver Chinese New Year’s Eve Parade in San Diego, California China

If so, where are they made?

Founded in Arizona only in 2018, Lectric eBikes is a newcomer to the e-bike industry in the United States.

Who owns Lectric?

February 7, 2021/PRNewswire Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel, the 25-year-old co-founders of Lectric eBikes, have been recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 for developing one of the fastest growing electric bike startups in the United States.

What kind of motor is used by Lectric XP?

a 500-watt brushless gearless rear hub motor

The electronics on the Lectric XP 2.0 are quite good for a city bike of this size and price range. In order to push this electric bicycle, an 800W brushless rear hub motor provides 500W of electricity. A throttle or one of the five aid levels, including walking mode, can be used to control the vehicle.