where are lauf bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Over a cool drink after a bike ride in Reykjavik’s basement flat around the holidays of 2010, the Lauf Forks concept was conceived.

where are lauf bikes made

There are Icelandic subsidiaries all across Europe and the United States, but all the manufacturing is done in the country itself. Media interest for Lauf bikes was generated by the use of Lauf bicycles by Canadian Cyclocross National Champion, Michael Van Den Ham, in 2018.

Lauf’s fate remains a mystery.

From today, Lauf, an Icelandic bicycle and suspension fork manufacturer, will no longer rely on distributors to sell its bikes, instead selling directly to customers. Its True Grit and Anywhere lines of bikes have been slashed in price to commemorate this.

Where can I find out more about the Lauf fork?

the design of Lauf Grit is

The Grit is based on Lauf’s earlier designs for mountain and fat bike forks, and the design philosophy is the same. Lauf’s engineers claim that the Grit’s 30mm of travel is 1.8 times stiffer than that of the Trail Racer’s.

What is the mechanism of Lauf’s suspension?

The resulting image is shown here.
A suspension fork like the Lauf Grit fork is unusual. The fork’s carbon legs are attached to glass fibre springs. Up to 30 mm of vertical movement can be achieved with these springs, which should make rough roads considerably more bearable.