where are lapierre bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Gaston Lapierre created the company in Dijon in 1946. A new factory was constructed in 1972 after his son Jacky took over administration in 1960.

where are lapierre bikes made

Lapierre places a high focus on both client happiness and cutting-edge design. The company’s high-end models are constructed in the Dijon facility, although all bikes are made in Asia and assembled in three French production sites around the country as a whole.

Sandy Casar and Remy Di Grégorio lead the Française des Jeux road racing squad, which is sponsored by Lapierre. The new carbon fibre X-Lite II frame, which has already won stages in the Paris-Nice and the Tour Med, is their go-to weapon for the 2009 season. As a result of the monocoque manufacturing technology used to create it, it is both stronger and lighter than its award-winning predecessor.

Plastic bladders used to be used to apply pressure to the inside surfaces of carbon monocoque frames during the heating and moulding process. The issue was that the frame’s joints, such as the head tube and bottom bracket shell, could not be pressured uniformly by these bladders. In order to strengthen these vulnerable areas, more carbon layers were required.

Is Lapierre a decent bicycle manufacturer?

The Lapierre Aircode DRS 8.0 is a lightning-fast race bike that can hold its own against high-end models from well-known companies.

Who manufactured Lapierre bicycles?

It was 1946, and Gaston Lapierre had just founded a modest bicycle shop in Dijon, France (Côte-d’Or – Burgundy) when the industry was enjoying considerable expansion in general. His son, Jacky Lapierre, assumed management of the company in 1960.