where are kuota bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Kuota are made in Albiate, Italy, by Sintema, an Italian company, but the frames are made in Taiwan, allowing them to be cheaper. Same place as Kestrel’s frame production, these are produced to order (Martek). More over half of the world’s population uses this product.

where are kuota bikes made

Established in 2001, the company that owns the Italian bicycle brand Kuota is called Kuota International Co-Ltd.

How reliable are kuota bicycles?

With a monocoque design and discreet paint job, the Kharma frameset is a high-quality product. The Ultegra Di2 groupset with the Kharma make for a solid combination. The Kharma is a great performer on flat, fast roads thanks to its aerodynamic design and extremely sturdy frame.

Is Kuota’s road bike line-up any good?

One of the best bicycles for comfort and stability is the Kuota Kharma. The older models, like mine from 2005, have a timeless look and excellent performance for the money. At a modest price, this bike provides a pleasant, fast, and steady ride.