where are kona bikes made

Updated on June 1, 2022

Kona is a 50/50 joint venture between the United States and Canada. Unlike other businesses, we are not owned by anyone else.

where are kona bikes made

Cycles of altitude
Ku is Kona’s first aluminium mountain bike frame manufactured in the United States. Kona, Altitude’s first American customer, ordered nearly 3,000 high-end steel and aluminium bicycle frames from Altitude.

Is the quality of Kona bikes high?

Can I trust Kona bicycles? Yes. Kona bikes have a reputation for being built like tanks, and this is no exaggeration. Kona bikes can handle anything you throw at them, whether it’s a jump bike, a hardtail trail bike, or a freeride/downhill machine with full suspension.

Is Kona’s bicycles made in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s largest island, Kailua-Kona, gave its name to the Kona Bicycle Company, which the company’s founders associated with a particular place in their hearts. Then they started making high-end MTBs, touring bikes, and racing bikes. names that are out of this world

.Is the price of Kona bikes worth it?

Registered. It’s worth the money to get Kona frames! Although Konas have a lesser spec than other brands, the way the frames handle makes you fall in love with them instantly. Steel ones, in particular, are highly prized, and many people (including me) keep them for decades.

The answer to this question is debatable.

Kona bikes are manufactured in the state of California.

Compared to some of the world’s most well-known bicycle companies, Kona is a very small company. While they’re best known as a “freeride” bike business, Raleigh has also produced road and cyclo cross bicycles from its inception. Moreover, their city bikes are some of the nicest and most functional on the market.