where are kayo dirt bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

KAYO began manufacturing pit bikes in 2002 and has been exporting them to Europe as the first Chinese company to do so. A unique corporate strategy and entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes most Chinese companies and shares values with western companies are formed by KAYO Chairman Mr Jigang Dai, who worked for Honda for ten years before founding the company. KAYO has faith in quality and reputation because of Dai’s leadership.

where are kayo dirt bikes made

For a long time, quality ATV and dirt bike manufacturers with affordable prices were hard to come by. A former HONDA engineer from the China division helped Kayo begin its journey in 2002. Offering the best off-road vehicles in the industry to this day.

In 2004, they began producing high-quality ATVs. Assembled with Marzocchi, an acclaimed Italian suspension manufacturer, and ProTaper, a well-known American handlebar manufacturer. In addition, Kayo began competing in Chinese pit bike racing.

You may now be curious as to where Kayo ATVs are manufactured. A factory for Kayo was built in Jinyun, Zhejiang province, in 2004. All of the Kayo ATVs are made and distributed here.


 what country is Kayo from?

China’s most popular motorcycle brand is KAYO.

What can you tell me about Kayo Dirtbikes?

Bottom and middle-range performance is good, but the top end is a little disappointing The bike’s engine has a silky feel to it, and it cruises up hills and through mud with ease. Generally speaking, the ride is enjoyable and the performance exceeds our expectations for a 250cc bike.

Do you know if Honda is the company that makes Kayo?

Kayo Motor was founded in 2002 by an engineer who had worked for HONDA’s China division for more than ten years before starting his own company. For the first time, Kayo is selling Pit Bikes made in China to the European market.

Is Kayo a reliable name in the industry?

We’re always on the lookout for the best deals. Compared to the bargain brands, the slightly higher price of the Kayo ATVs was clearly worth it when we first received our first shipment! The Kayo is as close to a Honda as you can get without the high price tag! Recommendation granted!

Who created Kayo?

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