where are juliana bikes made

Updated on May 31, 2022

Several bikes have been added (the Maverick, Roubion, and Quincy), other bikes have been redesigned (the Joplin, and the Furtado), and a few bikes have been withdrawn since Juliana Bicycles was first debuted in 2013.

where are juliana bikes made

Our team in Santa Cruz, California, creates and tests all of the Juliana parts. Using the same manufacturing partner that makes our slick carbon frames, we developed bars that stay place and are comfortable in all situations, as well as grips and saddles that make a long day on one seem short.

Is Santa Cruz the manufacturer of Juliana bicycles?

A Little Bit About Juliana

In 2013, Juliana joined Santa Cruz as a sibling brand and continues to exist today. There are many similarities between Juliana’s bikes and Santa Cruz’s models, although the Juliana versions differ in frame colour, grips and saddle and sizing, as well as the shock tuning.

What is Juliana MTB made by?

Juliana bikes are manufactured in Italy.
Bicycles from Santa Cruz, California
As a member of the Santa Cruz Bicycles team in 1999, Juli helped launch the first ever women-specific mountain bike. We dubbed it the Juliana. As a result, the company now offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive selections of women’s mountain bikes.