where are izip bikes made

Updated on May 27, 2022

The Currie Group of Companies
Diamondback has focused on the sportier Class 3 (28 MPH) products like the Union 2 and Response in the electric bike category. This is the longest-running electric bike firm in America, founded in 1998 as Currie Technologies.

where are izip bikes made

IZIP Bikes are a Southern California-based company that specialises in vibrant, eye-catching colours and distinctive graphics that can be matched to any personality.

In addition to the quality and style you’ve come to expect from IZIP, the pedal bikes allow you to have even more fun while riding.

Quality, reliability, and value are all guaranteed with IZIP. You can easily find a bike shop if you need service or have inquiries regarding your bike.
The perfect bike can be found by ordering online and picking it up from your local dealer (who will make sure you’re all set on your new bike) or having it delivered to your home by Beeline Bikes, our mobile bike delivery partner, completely assembled. When there is no local dealer nearby, you can also choose to have the bike delivered directly to your door step.