where are infinity bikes made

Updated on May 27, 2022

Infinity Boss 7 Speed 700c Bike is one of the most popular product lines supplied by this bicycle retailer. Infinity Cycle Works even features it in its “We Recommend” section on its website.

where are infinity bikes made

Infinity Cycle Works is a manufacturer, retailer, and design firm based in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, and the company stated they understood how important it is for people to have a safe, reliable, and enjoyable daily commute. Because of this, it offers a wide range of bicycles, from mountain bikes to electric bikes to children’s bikes. Hybrid and City cars are also available. With Infinity, clients may purchase a variety of bike accessories, including racks and helmets.

The Most Important Characteristics

Riders will like the bike’s seven gears, which allow them to tackle even the most tough terrain. This hybrid bike has a lower gear ratio for easier riding and a higher gear ratio for greater downhill performance. For all-terrain cycling, a 7-speed bike is preferable over a 3-speed bike.
The Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike has a standard seat position, V-brake levers, and thick rims. These features contribute to the bike’s overall ride quality and efficiency. In the event of a problem, these parts are simple to replace.

Frame Material Aluminum Shifters for Gears 7

Handle Bars with Shimano Revo Twist Shifter

Alloy steel YL-811 Steel Type 60° 30 rims

Black Tires Innova I2209 700 x 38c A/V Innova Tubes, black manufacturer logo Innova 700 x 38c City Tire A/V Tubes, black
700c Rigid Blade Front and Rear Derailleurs
Freewheel Infinity 7-Speed Steel Brakes Shimano Power V-Brake Resin/Alloy 7-Speed Steel Brake Levers

Whether or whether Infinity is a good brand of bicycle is up for debate.

Three years ago, I bought the Infinity Boss, and I’ve been using it ever since; it is a fantastic bike that’s lightweight, sleek, and comfy. Astonishingly good value for the quality you get. I highly recommend it if you want a bike that will last and is of great quality. Infinity cycle works are recommended by Kevin Duerksen.

An Infinity bike is just what it sounds like.

Currently, the Infinity Bike is merely a 3D Printed model and Stephan Henrich’s mind, not a rideable bicycle. Stephan, widely regarded as a pioneer in additive design, developed a beach and city cruiser with all-wheel drive.

Does Giant make Infinity bikes?

Infinite Cycles | Giant

Innovation and manufacturing know-how have distinguished them from the start. By making high-quality bicycles available at a reasonable price, Giant allowed more people to enjoy cycling in a new way.