where are haoqi bikes made

Updated on May 17, 2022

We’re a company that specialises in electric bicycle technology. We used to make bicycles before 2014. We decided to increase our research and development of electric bicycles after conducting extensive market research.

where are haoqi bikes made

Due to the fact that Haoqi ships from California, our review unit was delivered within a couple of days of placing our order. Having a domestic shipping base speeds up shipping and reduces the amount of handling that must be done. Even though the risk of shipment damage is reduced, it’s still worth paying attention. Haoqi’s review bike arrived in a perfectly intact box with no issues.

A matte black triangle frame, a front shock, and massive 26′′ x 4′′ fat tyres make the Haoqi Black Leopard look like many other fat tyre value electric bikes on the market. To begin with, the larger 16Ah battery provides a noticeable boost in both range and power per charge when taking a closer look at what makes it unique. The extra 2Ah of battery capacity on the Haoqi electric bike is a welcome addition to this price range.

In order to properly prepare for the riding experience, let’s first talk about how it is put together. Over the years, we’ve assembled and disassembled a lot of bikes, and the Haoqi is among the easier ones to put together. With the front tyre, handlebars, pedals, front fender, and lights still needing a few nuts and bolts to be installed, it’s ready to ride. Assembly was quick and painless; it took us about 20 minutes before we put it on the charger and took it out for its first test flight.

After a few hours, the huge battery was fully charged for our first trip into the wild. Since our bikes are all assembled, we take them for a “tuning ride” around the neighbourhood to check for loose bolts, incorrect seat height or squeaky brakes before we put any real miles on them! So we returned home to prepare for a longer ride with the Black Leopard, which was dialled in right from the start.

An excellent assembly video by Haoqi can be found here (link). To be safe, make sure the battery is firmly fastened to the frame with a second set of hands. Batteries can come loose during shipping. Every new e-bike should have this feature, and it’s not just on Haoqi models. To do this, turn the key to unlock the battery, then push it back into place firmly. Before you get on the road, make this quick check to make sure the battery is securely fastened to the bike.