where are guardian bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

SureStop, Riley’s bicycle brake component supplier, has spawned a new company, Guardian Bikes. The brakes themselves are what sets Riley’s bikes apart from other children’s bikes. To get the most out of your brakes, squeeze the hand brake with equal force on the front and rear. This reduces the likelihood of a wipeout and subsequent injuries. The Shark Tank Blog says:

where are guardian bikes made

Prior to being shipped to customers, each Guardian bike is thoroughly inspected, tuned, and repackaged by the company’s own mechanics in California. Directly from the factory to the consumer, bicycles are never sold.

Is the manufacturing of the Guardian bikes in China?

There are 65 unique parts in a Guardian Bike, and 40 vendor factories produce the various components that make up the bike. It is necessary for the entire supply chain to move in unison in order for bicycle companies to relocate their manufacturing out of China.

Can you tell me if Mark Cuban owns any guardian motorcycles?

To expand their business, the co-founders appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2017. An investment deal with Mark Cuban for a 15% stake in Guardian Bikes resulted in a $500,000 investment.

How much money do Guardian Bikes have in the bank?

Guardian Bikes’ investors and net worth

Guardian Bikes had a market capitalization of $3.34 million at the time of its Shark Tank appearance. First year sales projections were $350,000, which grew to a million dollars in 2016 and is now just shy of $5 million.

What kind of bike is the Guardian?

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Long family bike rides, rail trail exploration, and neighbourhood errands are all made easier with Guardian bikes. It is unfortunate that Guardian does not yet offer mountain bikes for trail riding.

Can we say that Guardian Bikes are a hit?

As of July 2021, Guardian Bikes is operating and making money. Adult bicycles have not yet been introduced by the company. The company’s annual revenue is close to $1 million.