where are genesis bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

Genesis is a British bicycle manufacturer that produces road, urban, youth, and mountain bikes. Founded in 2006, Genesis is a small company with a large following.

Sportline UK, a subsidiary of H Young Holdings, distributes Genesis in the United Kingdom.

where are genesis bikes made

Where are your bikes manufactured? Despite the fact that our bikes are all designed in Milton Keynes, we’re proud to be able to produce them in Vietnam and Indonesia. They are assembled by hand and then shipped to our warehouse in batches for distribution.

Genesis Bicycles are made by a third party.

Famously known as Genesis Bicycle, the U.K. brand is known for producing and selling a wide variety of road bikes and touring bikes as well as other bicycles such as mountain bikes and gravel bikes. Genesis was only recognised as a brand in 2006, despite the fact that its first bike, Day One, was manufactured in 2001 under the Ridgeback Brand.

What kind of bikes does Kent produce?

Pedal together with us! Kent Bicycles carries a wide range of Genesis bicycles for children and adults, from 18 inches to 700c.

What is the price of a Genesis bike?

When it comes to price, the Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike falls somewhere between $150 and $200, and may even drop to $99 during a sale….
Details of the item
Weight Capacity at Speed 21
Full Alloy Suspension on a 320-pound Frame