where are frog bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

Frog Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer based out of the United Kingdom. Bikes for children from 1 to 14 years of age, including balance bikes, are their specialty. They call it “the lightest bike for kids.” Jerry Lawson and his wife Shelley Lawson founded the family business in 2013. Originally, the bikes were made in China, but as of 2016, they are now made in a factory in Pontypool, Wales.

where are frog bikes made

Frog bikes is a British brand and the bikes are manufactured in Britain. Dimitris Katsanis, a well-known bicycle engineer, helped design them. Ahead of the London Olympics in 2012, Dimitris worked with the gold medal-winning Team GB cycling squad! A factory in Pontypool, Wales produces all of the bikes except the Tadpole Mini.

Was Frog Cycles founded in China?

Jerry Lawson and his wife Shelley Lawson founded the family business in 2013. A Pontypool factory has been producing the bikes since 2016, when they were first made in China.

What is the location of the Frog Bicycles manufacturing facility?

Frog Bikes celebrated its South Wales factory’s 5th anniversary yesterday. The award-winning production facility for premium, lightweight children’s bikes is located on a 120,000-square-foot site in Pontypool.

Is Frog a good bicycle manufacturer?

It’s a fantastic bike, and it’s also incredibly light. It has a distinct sense of speed. I put it through its paces both on and off-road, and it delivered admirably in each case.

Are frog bikes made of aluminium?

Our Kids Bike Geometry is supported by cutting-edge technology. Read more. Every Frog bike’s aluminium frame, fork, and component meets or exceeds EN and International Standards body standards, in addition to redesigning the geometry for children’s bikes (ISO).

Are there gears on frog bikes?

Big hills are easier to pedal in low gears, and they are easier to ride down in high gears. If you have front and rear gears, the gear levers on your handlebars can be used to change the gears on your bicycle.

What makes frog bicycles so unique?

Frog Bikes are small, lightweight children’s bicycles that are easier for small children to control and manoeuvre. What do you mean? When they are learning to feel in control, it is crucial for them. It will aid in boosting their self-esteem and allowing them to progress more quickly.