where are framed bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

The Twin Cities region of Minnesota, where Framed Bikes is based, is known for its commitment to bicycle culture. All kinds of cyclists, from commuters to mountain bikers to BMXers to roadies, are a part of our community.

where are framed bikes made

With a strong focus on cycling, Framed Bikes is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Commuters, roadies, mountain bikers, BMX riders, and everything in between make up our diverse and supportive cycling community, which benefits us all.

Can you trust framed bikes?

A well-known business. This company’s bikes are built to last. For the most part, it’s just another bike. The performance and durability of a bicycle are directly related to the components used to power it.


Is Trek still making bikes in the United States?

Unfortunately, Trek no longer produces bikes in the United States. In December 2017, a source in the Trek design and engineering team told us that they had ceased production of about 20,000 bikes a year at their facilities in Waterloo and Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Is framed a reputable BMX bike manufacturer?

It’s a solid BMX bike with a bulletproof frame at an affordable price. To me, Framed BMX bikes are some of the best out there because their name emphasises their best feature. This model has a high-tensile steel frame that can withstand a bomb blast. It can take anything you throw at it.