where are forme bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

At every level, the Forme product line is truly British-made. Among our staff are national and international champions in road, mountain, and cyclocross racing, as well as former bicycle shop managers, certified British Cycling Go-Ride Coaches, and daily riders! Together, we can apply our collective knowledge to create the best products that we would ride ourselves.

where are forme bikes made

Forme is first and foremost a British brand, despite the fact that they are made in Taiwan, where they are assembled. Even Raleigh and Dawes, two of the most well-known British cycling companies, manufacture outside of the country.

In 2010, we launched the Forme brand, and since then, our mission at Forme has been to develop products that inspire people to ride more, get fitter, and have a more enjoyable cycling experience. The product development of every model in our collection is function-driven, regardless of whether you are a kid learning to ride a bike, a racing cyclist, a weekend trail warrior, an urban commuter, or simply enjoy the thousands of traffic-free paths across the National Cycle Network. To maintain our everyday performance philosophy, we define by detail, then test, tweak, and refine to ensure that every bike has the best technical features to maintain our everyday performance philosophy capable of handling typical British 4-season conditions.

Is Forme a British brand?

At every level, the Forme product line is truly British-made.

Is Forme a high-quality bicycle brand?

a Derbyshire trademark In terms of children’s bicycles, Forme has been making high-quality models since 2010, but the brand may not be well-known just yet (yet!). They come in all shapes and sizes, including road, mountain, electric, and even kids’ bikes. One of their most notable claims is that they have the broadest selection of electric bikes of any British bicycle manufacturer!