where are fluid bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

One of Australia’s most highly regarded companies, Fluid, has a reputation for innovation and quality manufacturing as well as Anaconda prices that can’t be beat.

where are fluid bikes made

Fluid Bikes from Norco Norco Fluid is one of our most popular mountain bike lines, and is known for its handling and suspension on the trail.

Is fluid a reputable brand of bikes?

The End of the Story It’s a decent bike for the money. Despite the Fluid Nitro’s slightly higher weight (15.8 kg) than other entry-level bikes in its range, the bike’s Shimano components ensure a smooth ride. This bike is also very easy to ride.

Are Anaconda’s “fluid bikes” any good?

We bought two of these bikes, a male and female model, and had a great experience with the Anaconda staff. We also got a great deal on the bikes. Anaconda and their Fluid line of bikes are excellent, and I heartily endorse them.

Which company makes the best bicycles?

The following are the world’s ten best bike manufacturers right now: Merida. Trek. Specialized. Cannondale. Scott and Kona. Santa Cruz and Marin counties are nearby.

Is a Norco Fluid a road or mountain bike?

Entry-level dual suspension mountain bike, the Norco Fluid FS 3, features a well-balanced but capable design. The X-Fusion 02 Pro Rear Shock and X-Fusion RC32 Boost Air Fork provide 130mm of travel for an aggressively fun ride on this trail rig.

Which mountain bike manufacturer has the best products?

The Best Mountain Bike Companies. Cycles of Pivot. Rocky Mountain Bike Company. The Salsa Cycles. All about Santa Cruz Bikes. Specialized. Trek Bicycles. Wilier. Road bikes from Wilier are known for their high quality and versatility. It’s called the Yeti Cycle. Yeti Cycles, based in the United States, is a manufacturer of cutting-edge mountain bikes.