where are evil bikes made

Updated on May 15, 2022

With a small selection of MTB and gravel bikes that scream innovation, performance, and a lack of regard for tradition and boundaries, Evil Bikes is a boutique brand.

where are evil bikes made

Seattle, Washington-based Evil Bikes specialises in custom-built bicycles. When the company was founded in 2009, it aimed to challenge the current mountain biking standards.

Is it possible that China is the source of all evil bikes?

Most bicycles sold in the United States today are manufactured outside of the country, with most of them coming from mainland China or Taiwan.

Who is the owner of the evil bicycles?

There are a number of award-winning carbon fibre trail bikes designed and built by Kevin Walsh that set industry standards for design, suspension, and geometry.

Is evil a good thing?

There’s a lot of debate about the quality of Evil bikes. The DELTA suspension and Flip-Chip adjustments of the Evil bikes promise top-level performance, making them good. Furthermore, they have carbon frames and a progressive geometry, making them extremely comfortable to ride.

Is there a hardtail for evil?

Buy Chamois Hagar at Chamois.com.

The Evil Chamois Hagar is a cross between a hardtail mountain bike and a gravel bike, with the stability, confidence, and capability of the former.