where are emmo bikes made

Updated on May 16, 2022

Toronto-based Emmo is a proud Canadian company. Emmo, a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, has supplied over 500,000 people in North America with low-impact transportation.

where are emmo bikes made

company EMMO Inc is a company in the Other Motor Vehicle Dealers sector based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ten people work for EMMO Inc., which generates $3.55 million in revenue from all of its locations (USD).

However, not everything at EBC is built in-house. Attempting to manufacture many parts in-house is a waste of time and money. In some industries, there are already experts who are considered the best in the world. A majority of e-bike components are manufactured in China, including motors and battery cells.

When a product can’t be built in-house, the company will design it. Sean excitedly pulled a silver box off a shelf, complete with a Medusa of wires, and said, “Look at the controllers.” To the millimetre, these have been built according to our exact specifications. It’s not uncommon to see e-bikes with haphazard wiring due to the use of off-the-shelf components such as controllers and throttles. To ensure that our bikes look their best, we make all of our wires to the exact length they need to be.”

Tires, for example, are in the same category.

Sean bought all of the best tyres on the market and cut them open because he wasn’t satisfied with the ones on the market. Reflective materials, thick puncture protection, strong beads, higher e-bike speed ratings, etc., were among his favourites among each. Next he created his own tyre by taking the best features from each of the tyres he tested.

Despite the fact that it isn’t made in the United States (EBC has impressive facilities, but none of those include a vulcanised rubber plant), the product is made to Sean’s exacting standards.

Even though some of the components are imported, all of the bike’s components are assembled locally, ensuring the highest quality control standards.

It’s not uncommon for e-bike companies to produce their e-bikes outside of the United States. Once they’ve arrived at a warehouse in the United States, customers can pick up their bikes. Since the factory didn’t catch any issues, customers will be the first to know about any issues.

Due to its in-house manufacturing, Electric Bike Company is able to carry out extremely thorough inspections and packaging procedures. Before being packaged by the company, bicycles are built and tested in the same place. The test rider can talk to the builder and verify anything that doesn’t look or feel right before it goes into a box.

Another benefit of buying locally produced goods is the packaging they come in. Small boxes with inadequate protection for a gruelling round-the-world journey via a paper carton end up damaging many of the ebikes that are made in Asia. E-bikes manufactured by Electric Bike Company are shipped pre-assembled. There is no need to worry about cramming as many boxes as possible into a shipping container from China because the larger box only costs a little more to ship.

There is no assembly required when customers receive the bike, so they don’t have to spend an hour or more putting it together. The bike is ready to ride as soon as it is taken out of the box. It was literally tied inside the box with a bow when I received an EBC bike a few years ago.

E-bikes that arrive to customers in the United States with problems will be handled by the majority of e-bike companies in the country.

It’s a sad fact of business, but it’s just a part of the price. There are less than one in a thousand e-bikes that have an issue, which is unheard of in the industry, according to Sean.

The downsides of manufacturing in the United States are numerous. It’s highly unlikely that EBC will ever be able to compete on price alone with the industry’s most entry-level offerings in the e-bike sector. Nevertheless, the company’s business model isn’t built to compete on the basis of a “race to the bottom.”

When it comes to importing e-bikes, EBC has instead relied on building high quality, yet affordable, electric bikes that focus on providing an unparalleled level of customization in the industry.

I’m constantly reminded that the term “American-built” is still being questioned by some people online, who claim that the bikes are actually “American-assembled.”

It devolves into a semantics debate at some point. Is it not still an American salad if it is made with a Mexican avocado in a California restaurant? “*Salad made in USA from some global vegetables” might be a way to tamp down some pedantic keyboard warriors, but is that really where we’re at?

The truth is that during my journey, I witnessed a diverse group of Americans diligently constructing e-bikes from the ground up. More than 100 workers at EBC touch every part of the bikes, including the wheels, batteries, and paint, before testing and packaging them in-house.