where are corratec bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

Since corratec was founded in Raubling, Germany, two generations ago, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to this location. Our headquarters, located at the foot of the Alps, houses engineering, assembly, research, and development.

where are corratec bikes made

Corratec, one of Germany’s leading bicycle manufacturers, has been making electric bikes in their Bavarian factory at the foot of the Alps for the past 26 years.

How good are Corratec bicycles?

To get around town in maximum comfort, the Corratec is an excellent choice. There is a trade-off between the weight of the large wheels and large tyres and the added comfort and bump absorption they provide.

What is Corratec’s owner’s name?

As a result of the new facility, Corratec will be less reliant on outside vendors. According to Corratec CEO Konrad Irlbacher, “for weeks and months we have been experiencing what it means to not have 100 percent control over your own production.”