where are commencal bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

Founded in Andorra in 2000, Commencal is a manufacturer of bicycles. Besides its three-year base in Carlsbad, the U.S., it also has outposts in BC, AU, and NZ. The company plans to open offices in South America and Africa in the near future.

where are commencal bikes made

Although COMMENCAL’s sales in France (which are still growing) no longer represent the company’s overall sales, the company is expanding internationally. Our bikes are exported to more than 30 countries from Taiwan, where they are built and stocked.

What country is the event beginning in?

Andorra, a small mountainous country between France and Spain, is where the bike company is based. Founded in 2000, Commencal has additional manufacturing facilities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South America. 26-Mar-2018

How did Commencal bikes come to be?

Max Commencal is a French actor.
As far back as 1984, Max Commencal was working on BMX bikes for SUNN.

SUNN’s 16-year tenure ended in 2000, when he left to launch Commencal Bikes.

When were Commencal bicycles first manufactured?

Commencal was established in the year 2000. After a year, the business began selling its goods through an online store. As of today, all Commencal bicycles are sold directly to customers rather than through distributors.

Is COMMENCAL a manufacturer of carbon fibre bicycles?

However, commencal did produce some carbon bicycles using their meta and Skin frames.