where are colnago bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

Ernesto Colnago founded the high-end road racing bicycle manufacturer Colnago Ernesto & C. S.r.l. in Cambiago, Italy, not far from Milan. Until May 4, 2020, the company remained a family-owned business, but the company’s headquarters will remain in Italy after the acquisition by the UAE-based investment company, Chimera Investments LLC.

where are colnago bikes made

Colnago’s Cambiago, Italy headquarters will continue to be the design and engineering centre for all future bicycles. Starting in 2005, Colnago bicycles will be made by two different companies. From now on, our high-end bicycles will all be made here in Italy. To produce all of our mid-range bicycles, we will design and build them in Italy.”

However, few will admit it, but today, the majority of Italian bicycle manufacturers manufacture their products in Taiwan and China. Many products bearing the label “Made in Italy” are actually made in Asia, as we have discovered here at Colnago. As a result of our partnership with the A-Team, Colnago has stated that it will be sourcing some mid-range bicycles in Asia. Our serious approach has always set us apart from the bicycle manufacturers. Even though these bikes and all new models from Colnago will still be designed, developed, tested, and built in Italy for our regular customers, they can rest assured that they will continue to be made in Italy.

The mid-range complete bicycle models from Colnago, sourced in Asia, will only be available in Europe and Asia, not in the United States.

If so, where do they make them?

China is not. Only the lower-end CF models from Colnago are manufactured in Taiwan. A change may be coming this year. Taiwan’s craftsmanship can match or even surpass that of Italy’s at a lower cost.

Is every Colnago a product of Italy?

It is in Italy that all other Colnago bicycles are made. With a long-term agreement with ATR, Mr. Colnago has no plans to manufacture any carbon fibre bicycle frames at Giant.

Colnago or Pinarello: which is the superior brand?

Compared to the Pinarello, the Colnago is faster, more stable, and has a greater desire to go fast. The Colnago has some windup (like good Ti Bikes), but the Pinarello has Power Output, not windup!

The C64 is a Colnago product manufactured in Italy.

More than two years of research have gone into Colnago’s new C64 frame. It’s made entirely in Italy and represents a continuation of the company’s 60-year history of success and innovation in the bicycle industry.