where are co op bikes made

Updated on June 4, 2022

One of the leading outdoor businesses in the United States, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.), introduced Co-op Cycles in 2016.

where are co op bikes made

Identifying goods from REI that were made in China Membership is now as enjoyable as spending time in the great outdoors.

Is a co-op bike a good one?

In this one-year review, we look at REI’s CO-OP DRT 2.1.

Before, the Bike was a nice deal; now, it’s an incredible deal. This hardtail’s geometry is ideal for bikepacking and touring, and if you’re looking for a bike that’s capable without being overly aggressive, look no further.

Is Giant the manufacturer of co-op bikes?

In 2017, the name of the company was changed from Novara to Co-op. There is a firm that creates REI bike frames that also manufactures Giant frames. This does not imply that you will receive a Giant bike bearing the Co-logo. op’s