where are cfmoto quad bikes made

Updated on June 9, 2022

CFMoto, a Chinese ATV manufacturer, produces CFMoto ATVs. Fueled by their partnership with KTM, CFMoto is about to go on a journey that no other Chinese manufacturer has undertaken before: creating and selling China’s most powerful line of domestic motorcycles.

where are cfmoto quad bikes made

Cforce ATVs are made by CFMOTO. CFMOTO is a global manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China with a 1.7 million square foot, state of the art facility. Established in 1989, CFMOTO designs and produces high-performance vehicles and motorbike accessories.

Is it true that CFMoto ATVs are made in the United States?

There was no CFMOTO USA headquarters established until 2007, but it wasn’t the first time the public has heard about our vehicles. Since 2002, our ATVs and Side-by-Sides have been conquering terrain from the sea to the shining sea with ease.

CForce: Is it an excellent ATV?

We think it’s fantastic! You can easily manage the 600’s engine power, but if you’re after a truly amazing motor, you should check out the CForce 800. With the most refined ATV engine we’ve ever used, it delivers power with a single pedal press of the accelerator pedal.

Who manufactures CFMoto Quads?

CFMOTO is the company behind the Cforce ATV brand. Located in Hangzhou, China, CFMOTO is a leading global manufacturer with a cutting-edge production plant measuring 1.7 million square feet. CFMOTO is a high-performance automobile and motorcycle accessory manufacturer that was founded in 1989.