where are ccm bikes made

Updated on May 14, 2022

CCM is a Montreal, Quebec-based bicycle manufacturer.

Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd. was the original source of the abbreviation “CCM.” CCM eventually split into two separate companies, one of which produced bicycles and the other of which, CCM (The Hockey Company), made hockey equipment, both of which retained the trademark “CCM.”

where are ccm bikes made

There are two manufacturing facilities for CCM in Montreal, one in St-Hyacinthe and the other in St-Jean.

A total of 580 people are employed by the business, of which 500 are based in Canada.

An agreement to sell Adidas’ CCM hockey-equipment subsidiary to a Canadian firm for US$110 million has been announced.

CCM will be sold to Toronto-based Birch Hill Equity Partners, with the majority of the transaction being paid in cash, according to a statement from the multinational on Thursday.

By the year’s end, the transaction is expected to be completed.

Adidas claims the move is in line with its desire to refocus on its Reebok and Adidas brands’ activities in the footwear and sportswear industry.

Prior to its acquisition by Reebok, which sought to gain a foothold in the hockey market, CCM was acquired along with Jofa and Koho in 2004.

Is it true that CCM bicycles are designed and built in Canada?

Despite the fact that the bikes are no longer made in Canada and the brand is now owned by Adidas, it is still possible to purchase CCM bikes today. There are a lot of people buying CCM bikes today because of the brand’s nostalgia, according to McKenty.

What is the current manufacturer of CCM bicycles, and where can I find out more information?

A company called Procycle Group Inc.
Procycle has licenced a number of cycling brands for use on a variety of bicycle models. Procycle renamed CCM to ‘CCM cycle’ at some point to better distinguish the brand from the separate CCM Hockey business. CCM celebrated its centennial in 1999.

Is CCM a brand of Canadian Tires?

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited owns the registered trademarks CANADIAN TIREĀ® and CANADIAN TIRE Triangle Design.