where are bulls bikes made

Updated on May 13, 2022

BULLS was conceived in Cologne, Germany, in 1995 and is still going strong today.

BULLS makes the decision in 2006 to build a bike that can compete in the world’s most difficult MTB races. The Copperhead had been born, and now it was time to find the right people to ride it with..

where are bulls bikes made

What country produces the BULLS? Our German headquarters in Koln is where we design and test all of our bicycles. Following international approval and certification, we manufacture the bicycles in South East Asia under the supervision of our own staff.

BULLS is more than just a manufacturer of bicycles and electric bicycles. Because of the hard work of our development team and the feedback from our experienced racers, we strive to set new industry standards. Our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, is where we develop, design, and test all of our bicycles.

BULLS has been selling eBikes since 2010, primarily in Europe. The fact that BULLS has been able to develop and produce the most cutting-edge eBike systems with the help of top-tier premium suppliers has been an important advantage for the company since the beginning.

There is no better example of a brand today than BULLS, which offers the greatest variety of eBike models and drive systems in various disciplines, from eMTBs to eCross to urban to fat bikes. BULLS is the best example of this type of brand.

As a result of the success of BULLS eBikes in Europe, we want to spread the word about this exciting new sport and lifestyle.

Can I ride my BULLS ebike in the rain?

Yes. German weather has proven to be no problem for any of our drive systems. The motor’s electrical connections are further protected from water damage by waterproof seals on each plug. Even though ebikes can be used in wet conditions, they cannot be submerged in water.

Do you know how much the BULLS eBike weighs?”

Due to the motor and battery pack, BULLS ebikes typically weigh more than a regular BULLS bike. Between 45 and 60 pounds, depending on the components and the type of ebike, BULLS ebikes are on average.

In the event of rain, can I still ride my BULLS ebike?

Yes. All of our drive systems worked flawlessly in the wettest conditions in Germany. In addition, the motor’s electric plugs are waterproof-sealed for added protection in wet environments. It is important to note that while ebikes can be used in wet conditions, they cannot be submerged in water.

Is there a throttle mode on any of the BULLS ebikes?

No. There are no pedal-free models in the BULLS lineup. In order to get the ebike moving, you must pedal.

Does my BULLS ebike need any special care?

Maintenance on a BULLS ebike is the same as it would be on a regular bike.

Is my BULLS ebike required to have a licence?

There is no licencing required for this activity. Class-1 and Class-3 ebikes from BULLS are pedal-assist-only (meaning that human pedalling power is required to start and run the motor) and only provide a boost of 20mph and 28mph, respectively, to the legal speed limit. BULLS ebikes can be ridden on bike paths without a licence. Visit the ebike section of People for Bikes for the most up-to-date information.