where are blix bikes made

Updated on May 13, 2022

Blix is one of the many well-recognized California-based brands in the e-bike industry. After all, it was founded in Santa Cruz in 2014 by a Swede named Pontus Malmberg and since then has grown at a near-incomparably rapid rate, making it a noteworthy brand

where are blix bikes made

All of our bikes are assembled in Asia, where the majority of bicycle parts are produced. However, because we are heavily involved in the manufacturing process and frequently on-site, we have complete command of quality assurance and details throughout the entire supply chain. I believe you’re of Scandinavian descent.

The electric bike from Blix is sleek and modern. What distinguishes your electric bike from others on the market? When you were designing it, what were you hoping to accomplish?

The ease with which one can commute when using an electric bicycle is unquestionably its greatest benefit. Electric bicycles, on the other hand, are either prohibitively expensive for the average commuter or they don’t look or feel like a commuter bicycle. When we started working on our e-bike, we wanted to create something that was both simple and beautiful.

What country are you from? Why did you choose Santa Cruz as the location for your business?

We have a great mix of passion for bicycles and technology here, which gives us a solid foundation for growth as a business. Since the majority of bicycle commuters live in Northern California, we are able to better serve a wide range of customers and retailers from there. There are many things that contribute to a high quality of life in Santa Cruz, and that’s what matters.

What is the bike’s weight in pounds?

Capacity of the Sun

Rider + Cargo Weight: Around 270 Pounds (122.47kgs)

50-pound limit for cargo in the front (22.68kgs)

Cargo Capacity 55lbs in the Rear (24.95kgs)

The bike weighs 56 pounds with the battery and 48.5 pounds without the battery.