where are bergamont bikes made

Updated on May 13, 2022

Bergamont may be a new name to you, but they’ve been making bikes in Germany for more than a decade, so they should know a thing or two about designing high-quality vehicles.

Mountain, trekking, urban, and children’s bikes are all part of their selection, as are road bikes.

where are bergamont bikes made

Hamburg Bergamont is a company that is proud of its roots in Hamburg’s St. Pauli neighbourhood and enjoys infusing their bikes with a little of their personality.

A good bike, then, is the Bergamot.

The Bergamont Vitox 6.3, which we’ll be discussing today, is one of the best no-nonsense bikes in the INR30k price range in India, according to us. The specifications and ride quality of this bike are unmatched by any other bike on the market.

Discovering the German bicycle manufacturer Bergamont.

Since its inception in 1993, the German bicycle manufacturer Bergamont has had a fascinating history. It was located in Hamburg’s bustling St. Paul neighbourhood. Bergamont was only a small bicycle repair shop. For a brief time, the first Bergamont prototypes appeared.

Several German engineers with a particular interest in bicycles contributed to the brand’s success in the German market and later on the international market for bicycle manufactures. As a result, this company, which is part of the Scott group, has expanded its product line over the years. Moreover, the products are always of the highest quality.

Bergamont bikes have everything it takes to entice a cyclist, even if the brand is still relatively unknown in France. This is true in terms of both the quality of the manufacturing and the price/quality ratio. The company has a wide variety of mountain bikes to fit any rider’s needs. In the following section, you’ll learn about all of its different product lines.


Presentation of Bergamont’s various bike models.
Bergamont offers a wide variety of bicycles to suit a wide range of needs, including mechanical bicycles, electric bicycles, mountain bicycles, and city bicycles. Among the world’s best-known brands are the parts used to build these bikes. Here, you will find Shimano and Bosch as well as German quality. The brand has clearly established itself as an indisputable and trustworthy reference point. Driving performance, security, and dependability are the company’s top priorities. Included in the company’s product line are:

electric city bikes from Bergamont

Bergamont e-Urban e-bikes have a sleek appearance, an aluminium frame, a weight of over 20 kg, and a top speed of over 25 kilometres per hour. Traffic in urban areas, for bicycle touring, and for daily city commutes (supermarket, work, store, etc.). The E-ville and the Paul-E are two examples of this line’s models.

the e-cargo bike

The Bosch-powered e-bike is both comfortable and efficient. Designed to transport goods, run errands, and even carry children, the Bergamont E-Cargo is popular with independent delivery people and families alike. They’re capable of hauling up to 195 kg or even more than that. E-Cargoville LJ, E-Cargoville LT, and E-Cargoville Bakery are examples of this category.

The Bergamont E-Trekking bicycles

The E-Trekking bikes are electric mountain bikes with Bosch motors and a PowerTube battery. This adventure bike line caters to the needs of both serious athletes and those who enjoy long hikes in the woods. A wide variety of routes, including mountainous terrain as well as remote areas can be traversed by these vehicles. Subranges E-Horizon FS and E-Horizon are part of the overall range.