where are aventon bikes made

Updated on May 12, 2022

When JW Zhang founded Aventon Electric Bicycles, he had an egalitarian view of bikes, and the company is now spreading the joy of bicycling.

Micromobility craze started several years ago, and covid helped e-bikes’ adoption tremendously as an outdoor-recreation alternative; now, entrepreneurs like Zhang are trying to democratise bicycling by pitching the benefits of e-bikes—which use battery power to assist human locomotion or replace it completely —to new use cases and demographics, and they’re gaining traction.

where are aventon bikes made

Exactly where do Aventon bikes come from?
Aventon electric bicycles are made in China. A facility in China is where Aventon manufactures e-bike components, unlike other brands who outsource their products to Chinese manufacturers.

Assembling and inspecting these pieces is then done at their headquarters in southern California (USA).

In what country do Aventon E-bikes come from?

In their Chinese factory, Aventon produces all of its e-bikes. All of Aventon’s e-bikes and accessories are made in-house.

What Country Produces Aventon Frames?

China is the source of Aventon’s forgings. These frames are shipped to the U.S where they are pieced together with other electric bike components.

Is Aventon a reputable brand and a reputable bicycle maker?

Three years ago, Aventon e-bikes were featured in a number of prominent publications, including Bicycling Magazine and Forbes.

Three different top e-bike lists in Bicycling have included Aventon electric bikes. Pace 500 is the first of these.

Electric bikes like Specialized’s S-works Turbo Creo SL ($13,500) and Cannondale’s Synapse Neo SE ($4,500) made Bicycling’s 2020 Bike Awards list.

The following year, Bicycling included Aventon’s “Level” in its list of 2021 Bike Awards. All three of their e-bike models (Pace 350, Level, and Pace 500) were ranked among the best in the same year (2021).