where are avanti bikes made

Updated on May 12, 2022

Avanti is a world class bike brand from New Zealand producing bikes for Olympic athletes right through to kids, all built with a strong design ethos. Each Avanti has been designed with the rider in mind, to not only exceed expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.


where are avanti bikes made

Scott Sports, a Switzerland-based firm, has purchased the remaining stock of the Struthers family, which developed the Avanti bicycle brand and built Sheppard Industries into the largest cycling company in Australia and New Zealand.

For an undisclosed fee, in December the family sold its remaining stake in the company to Scott Sports, which had purchased most of the company’s stock in 2015.

A member of the founding Struthers family has resigned as the national manager of New Zealand, and the Struthers clan is no longer associated with the company.

The Avanti brand is well-known in New Zealand thanks to its sponsorship of the ‘Avantidrome,’ the National Cycling Centre of Excellence velodrome in Cambridge, and its provision of bicycles to the country’s Olympic competitors, such as gold medalist Sarah Ulmer.


Where are the Avanti bicycles made?

In New Zealand
Avanti is a New Zealand-based firm that designs and manufactures cycling products, including road and mountain bikes. Since its launch in New Zealand’s cycling community, the Avanti brand’s name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

A New Zealand-based business?

Avanti Bikes is a New Zealand-based company that now sells bicycles in Oceania, Asia, and Europe.

Who Owns Avanti if Scott doesn’t?

One of Sheppard Industries’ most prominent founders, Struthers family, has sold its remaining stake to a Swiss-based cycling company, Scott Sports, cutting all links to the corporation.

Are Sheppard cycles manufactured in the United States?

Founded in Malvern, an affluent suburb of Melbourne, Australia, in 1903 by Tom Finnigan, Malvern Star is an Australian classic. For more than a decade, Malvern Star has produced high-quality motorcycles for all of Australia’s riders.

Is Avanti’s line of bicycles good?

A relatively new name in the world of bicycles, Avanti has only been operating out of New Zealand since the mid-1980s. The Kiwi brand has picked up some significant gold medals over the years, quickly expanding from road to track, triathlon, and mountain bikes.

How well-known is Avanti?

Avanti has once again been chosen the most trusted name in cycling! For the fifth year in a row, Avanti has been chosen the most trusted name in bicycle manufacturing! The 2020 Reader’s Digest Annual Trusted Brand Awards have recognised Avanti as New Zealand’s most trusted bicycle brand!

There have been any recalls in New Zealand for Avanti bicycles.

On the 20th of May, there was a product recall for Avanti Bikes. Sheppard Cycles New Zealand has issued a nationwide recall for a number of… READ THE REST OF THIS POST May 14th, 2020: AVANTI Bike Products Product Recall Please take note of the following information about a Sheppard Cycles product recall that affects all of Australia: READ ABOUT IT