where are ariel rider ebikes made

Updated on May 12, 2022

Even in light of China’s enormous population, the recent passing of the 200 million electric bicycle mark is impressive.

where are ariel rider ebikes made

And that tells you something about the level of care we put into our ebikes’ construction. You’re smarter than that, so we don’t just order them from a factory in Asia and claim that they were “designed in the US.”.

Is Ariel Rider based in the United States?

A Serie A round of $14.8 million was raised by Seattle-based e-bike manufacturer Ariel Rider, valuing the company at $74.0 million.

Is it possible to buy an e-bike made in the USA?

Not at all. Only a few companies outside the United States produce high-quality electric bikes. In contrast to this, there are a large number of manufacturers who build overseas because it’s cheaper, and they don’t care as much about the quality or performance of their riders.

Do you know how long Ariel Rider has been in operation?

Because we’ve been in the electric bike business for over two decades, our staff has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the field.